3 Examples of Infographics in Email and Why They Work

3 Examples of Infographics in Email and Why They Work
April 25, 2022 Madison Castleberry

3 Examples of Infographics in Email and Why They Work

Why Infographics make emails more impactful

It’s no secret that people take in new information more effectively (yes, actually learn things!) when the information is presented in a visual storytelling format.  Visual storytelling helps us more quickly grasp new information and retain it longer. We’re simply hardwired to respond to stories and pictures (no wonder cavemen left pictures).  So what better way to get your brand’s message across than in a format that engages and resonates with people?  

These dynamic digital designs have proven to enhance emails for several reasons:

  • An infographic adds movement and visual storytelling to emails that support the written content.  They help people grasp information more quickly than just with the written word. They help guide people when there are different options to select and help them choose the best option that meets their needs.
  • Infographics help email skimmers—people who quickly glance over content for need-to-know information (aka: basically everyone). A well-designed infographic draws their eye to your key points.
  • People read image captions, so think of an infographic as a compelling set of image captions your email recipients will read.

 Here are some examples.

Help Your Audience Make A Choice

For the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ), we used this infographic to lead kids interested in summer travel programs along a visual journey to help them decide which program was right for them. It’s a kind of “choose your own adventure” book represented graphically.

Add Excitement to Facts and Features

Yeshiva University incorporates many key facts into emails to prospective students to help them determine if the university will be a good fit; using an infographic makes the information more interesting and impactful.

People Love Lists And Adore Visual Lists

These Ritz Camera emails use infographics to display lists (including checklists), share helpful tips, and highlight key product selling points.  Avoid bulleted lists with more visuals.


If you’re ready to add a graphic way to deliver your key points and boost your email’s messaging power, contact us to discuss your next email campaign or other digital marketing activities.